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DMT Management is a boutique children’s performance agency representing a wide range of diverse and unique talents across a range of media. In alignment with the DMT Schools ethos, we work extremely closely with our clients, parents and guardians. It is really important to us, that you feel just as excited and involved as your child does during their professional development with us.

Our agency is an extension of the DMT School and although it is recommended your child attend our school’s classes, it is not a requirement.

We take audition submissions as well as talent scout within out DMT school.

“I owe DMT a lot for all their help! Such an amazing group of people.”


Benefits of our agency package:

  • We will set up/organise and run your Spotlight profile
  • Arrange for your child’s professional headshot go be taken
  • If self-tapes and voice-overs are required, we offer one-one tuition and support
  • All agency clients will receive private tuition to prepare for auditions
  • Automatic enrolment onto DMT Schools industry professional workshops
  • Our management email is accessible at all hours for any questions you may have

Do you want to perform in a professional Theatre? On TV/Film? Or in front of the camera?


How much does joining DMT Management cost?

Our joining fee is FREE.

As an exclusive member of DMT School, a annual fee of £150 goes directly towards your child’s professional development and allows our management team to resources and represent accurately keeping in line with the industry. Let us show you exactly how this breaks down:

  1. Spotlight entrance fee: All DMT Management clients will require a Spotlight listing. Spotlight is an online directory that allows casting directors to search for talent. The platform also allows the team at DMT Management to submit for castings quickly and securely. This fee is currently £100 per annum and DMT Management will take ownership of the creating the online CV and profile of our clients, (one less thing for our wonderful parents to do!)
  2. Headshots: Casting directors and production companies will need consistent, accurate, high quality images of our clients. It enhances your chances of getting into the audition room and doubles as a wonderful gift for families during the holidays! We work with a fantastic local photographer and our Covid-safe shoots take place at our DMT Studio. Headshot sessions can be extremely expensive with some studios charging well over £300. When you join DMT Management, we will absorb this expense as part of your joining fee.
  3. Audition workshop & self-taping private session: Another benefit of becoming part of the DMT Management is that we promise to not just book our clients jobs, but to shape their careers. This includes regular “Audition Workshops” with Lily de-la-Haye. Lily has been an audition coach for the last 10 years and is a working actress herself. She was most recently part of The Phantom of The Opera National Tour and she can be found during the advert breaks of Loose Women every day! Lily will work with DMT Management clients in preparation for important meetings, providing feedback and coaching. All clients will also receive a private masterclass on “Self Taping”. Self tapes are becoming a huge part of the industry and involve parents filming their child’s audition for DMT Management to submit. We love using this format as it saves clients the time and expense of travelling to the audition and you can do as many takes as you want to get the best performance! Lily will be able to guide you through the process of creating self tapes in a complimentary private session or webinar if that is more convenient.
  4. Guaranteed place in industry workshops: From learning the iconic Greatest Showman choreography with Caoife Coleman – to breaking down those riffs with internet sensation, Natalie Weiss or getting all the steps and secrets from the West End’s newest leading lady, Lizzie Bea, the DMT School regularly runs fantastic industry workshops with the most inspiring practitioners from around the world. These masterclasses are normally first come, first served and sell out in a matter of hours. Your annual fee to join DMT Management will secure your place automatically on all our industry workshops.

Will DMT Management be able to guarantee my child work?

DMT Management is unable to guarantee work or regular auditions. Like all talent agencies, we will receive breakdowns from casting directors and submit clients that we think are suitable for the project. It’s an extremely competitive industry and there are lots of children being submitted for the same jobs. We do promise to advocate for all our clients as much as possible and to ensure they are totally prepared for the moment they do receive “the call”.

How much notice will guardians have for auditions?

This can vary depending on the project but commercials have a very quick turn around with normally no more than 24 hours’ notice. It is therefore imperative that you alert DMT Management to any upcoming holidays or dates your child will be unavailable. You can do this via the dedicated email: management@dmtschool.com

What happens when I have an audition?

Often, the team will want to see a little piece of acting to camera or perhaps a song or a dance. If you would like some additional coaching prior to the audition, please contact the DMT Management Office to book in a slot with Lily. It’s important to just be yourself and enjoy the experience! Throughout their acting careers, Lily and Vince have made some lifelong friends in audition holding rooms.

How do we get paid?

DMT Management works on a commission basis, in accordance with industry guidelines we work with a 3-tier payment structure. Low paid roles – 10%, Moderately paid roles – 15% and highly paid roles – 20% plus VAT basis. Once we have received payment, we will be in touch for bank details and pay you via BACS. This typically takes 4-6 weeks.

What is sole representation?

DMT Management does request sole representation of our clients. This basically means you cannot be represented by another agency at the same time. If you are approached directly for work, please direct them to DMT Management so we can liaise on your behalf. Working this way means we can be confident that our clients are being paid correctly and that all appropriate safeguarding regulations are being met.


In order to ensure your child is as calm and prepared for auditions and shoot days, there are some things you can absolutely help with klik på dette link nu.

  1. On audition days it is your responsibility to arrive with ample time for your meeting. Casting directors often see hundreds of children in one day and we are unable to move meeting times. Arriving early will mean that your child can relax, use the bathroom and get focused before the meeting. Commercial casting often requires attendees to fill in a contact sheet and we want to allow enough time for all of this.
  2. All child performers will require a license from their local EWO (Educational Welfare Officer) stating that they are able to work. Licenses can often take some time to come through and we can speed the process up by having a few documents ready to go, including; up to date passport photos, a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate, a parental medical declaration – this is a generic statement confirming that your child is fit and well and able to complete the project. Have these documents safe in a file ready to send to DMT Management when we need to apply for a performing license.
  3. On shoot days, again it is vital that you arrive in enough time. Food and drink is often readily available and complimentary on sets but please do bring something just in case. Days on set can be long and boring if you’re not in front of the camera so bring along a book and some warm clothes/coat if the shoot will be outside or in the evening.
  4. If you find yourself running late or you have a problem on set or during an audition – please, please call the DMT Management Office in the first instance. If in doubt, please email or call us.

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